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Perfect Soundness Coaching is a virtual health and wellness organization run by Kimberly Peters, BS, NBC-HWC. Kimberly is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach who sees clients around the world. Kimberly is dedicated to helping individuals strengthen their spiritual and physical lives with personalized health solutions.
Perfect Soundness was taken from Acts 3:16 and was derived from the Greek word holokléria, which means completeness, soundness, or wholeness. Perfect Soundness is health coaching that focuses on you as a whole being, so what are you waiting for?


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-- Define and achieve your health goals.
-- Delay or prevent Type 2 Diabetes with the National Diabetes Prevention Program.
-- Identify and reduce your stressors.
-- Manage life’s biggest challenges (including post-partum struggles, being newly married, and diet and career changes).
-- Recognize and deal with burnout.
-- Strengthen your relationship with God and with others.


Virtual Health Coaching, Health Presentations, Referral Service.